Affluent Trade Management Pte Ltd

Client’s Business

Affluent Trade Management (ATM) Pte Ltd in Singapore provides male performance and health solutions. The company was founded in the year 1998 as a US corporation and has its offices in Singapore. Their men performance supplements and solutions are developed with years of medical know-how and valid feedback from their customers over the last 18 years.
ATM has been successful in assisting their customers with increased male performance and much needed friendly advice in helping men to achieve desired and improved vitality results since last two decades. ATM also owns India Herbs that provides Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements (since 2001) and is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and distributor of male performance supplements worldwide. ATM also owns SupaBiotech, which has its offices in Singapore.

Zephyr Core Expertise

Zephyr Consultancy is a leading outsourcing accounting services provider in Singapore. They have successfully managed many projects in the past and they are your one stop company for accounting & taxation services, corporate secretarial services, payroll & recruitment services, accounting software training services, accounts backlog clearing, and GST taxation services.ST taxation services.

Zephyr’s Expert Accounting Solution

The Zephyr’s team leader Constance went to study client’s on line platform and realized that the sales figures were not accurate when compared to the third parties vendors’ statements. Hence she informed the programmer to fine tune the online platform and taught the operation person how to perform reconciliation work so that the sales figures were accurate.

It was found that the handling of cash management was inappropriate and so reconciling the cash figures from the book versus the physical cash count took a lot of time.  Zephyr introduced ATM to an internal control system which the floor manager need to reconcile the cash register versus the green cash on a daily basis and the bank on the following Tuesday. She suggested that the submission of cash report from various mode of payments must be submitted to the finance department and the accounts would then reconcile against the bank statement that the floor manager diligently deposited into the accounts.

Delivered Business Results

With Zephyr’s expert accounting guidance and improvements in places the cash discrepancy was totally diminished at ATM. The GST reporting was challenging as one couldn’t produce an accurate and detailed GST reporting required by IRAS. Then Zephyr’s accounting team of experts scrutinized ATM’s financial statements and make a lot of correction to ensure the financial statement could be shown to the shareholders.

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